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Paul Silver

Making websites for companies and helping advertise them

Website creation and advertising

I am a freelance Google Ads manager and web developer based in Brighton. My main services are:

  • Google Ads (AdWords) and Microsoft (Bing) Ads management
  • Web development in PHP and ColdFusion (articles)


I'm booked up with existing client projects until July. If you need web development or Google Ads management in mid-late 2022, please get in touch.

If you need help before then, I suggest trying the freelancers at my networking group, the Farm where there are many excellent marketers and programmers covering a wide variety of languages.

Currently Working On (August 2022)

  • Symfony development work for a local telematics company
  • Various updates for existing clients (PHP)
  • Google Ads management for luxury meal delivery service Cook and Thief
  • Ongoing updates and Google Ads help for a UK access firm (ColdFusion)

Recent Client Work

Lots of different types of PHP and database work for TDS Ultra, mainly consuming REST and SOAP based APIs into their mature system for making sense of telematics data, this included learning two versions of the Symfony PHP framework. (2021)

Bug fixing and Unit testing work for readability testing service Readable, using a lot of my debugging skills and PHP Unit. (2021)

Website for DoPI, the Database of Pollinator Interactions. This was created to present pollinator-plant associations, bringing together research from many sources into one place. My work was taking an website they were already working on, finishing it and improving security. This involved something of a rebuild while retaining a lot of the original design and some of the code. PHP, MySQL and JS. (2020-2021)

Creation of PDF quotes for an online store. PHP. (2020)

Marketing research and help for new course CSS for Designers (2020)

Google Ads management for a luxury water filter company. (2020)

Technical site updates for publisher Allison and Busby and finance recruiters Grafton Banks. (2020)

Interface changes and updates for UTN Training. (2020)

Lots of new features for G2 Legal and Skillsearch, and ongoing support for Facelift Access. (2019)

Quick site for new venture Dispersion Technology, designed by Tom Crew. (2018)

New recruitment website for a client who is branching out. Unfortunately the new part of the business did not work out and the site is now offline. (2018)

Ongoing work for Facelift Access, helping with new features in their website, maintenance of content, HTML newsletter building and sending, and Adwords management. (2018)

New site for IT recruitment company Skillsearch, a collaboration between myself, Nick Carter on design, Laura Tyler on PHP/Laravel with myself, and Hambly Freeman doing front end build. (2017)

New site for legal recruitment company G2 Legal, a collaboration between myself, designer Nick Carter, PHP developer Laura Tyler and Elliot Taylor handling front end build. (2017)

Helping a local company get back in to Google's search results after receiving a manual penalty by providing oversight of the restoration work by their existing SEO company and reconsideration filing. (2014)

Helping Brighton based electrician Sparktacus with promoting his website. (2014)

Managing the AdWords account for a local company in the medical industry. So far I have significantly reduced conversion costs and increased conversions for their primary campaigns. (2014)

Took over Article Epsilon from the client I built it for who has moved on to other projects. Potentially looking to turn it in to a blogging platform over the long term, but it may become something else. (2014, personal project.)

Site updates for book publishers Allison & Busby, including adding the ability to file books in to series, updates to how sorting in drill-down searches works, and lots of behind the scenes updates. Site tech: PHP & MySQL. (2013)

New website for Financial Services recruitment company Arc Consulting, implementing designs from Nick Carter. The site uses PHP and MySQL to allow ARC's staff to post jobs, and a layer of extra interactivity using jQuery to make the site slicker to use. (2012)

Latest Personal Projects

Brisk, offering advice and tools to help make handling Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns quicker and easier. Started: 2017

Saved Marks, a social bookmarking site. As well as wanting a place to store my bookmarks, I've been using this to try a project in Railo, the open source version of Adobe ColdFusion, and build example code for using various APIs. Started: Jan 2014

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