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These are some of my clients:



I provide ColdFusion development for this access platform hire firm, and in summer 2006 built their new site in XHTML/CSS based on designs from Barry Sharman. Since then I've added various features and sections to the site, and in 2009 rolled out a brand new design by Tom Crew.

Brighton University


I helped Brighton University roll out their latest brand and design update. The design update was created by Nigel Gordijk and I was brought in to help the University's web team roll the design out across 5,000 static pages usually controlled by Dreamweaver. This involved both updating Dreamweaver templates and writing PHP scripts to parse and re-write the pages to match the new designs. Later an adaptation of the same design was created to update the individual school sites within the university, and I was tasked with updating another 5-6,000 pages from their various disparate designs in to one standard template.

Kingswood Law IFA


In 2008 I built a I built the web version of their StopWork Calculator, which shows when you will be able to retire. It was a PHP/MySQL project using YUI components for easy interactivity. The main site design is by Nigel Gordijk, the original calculator was by Rudy Poonwasie. Since then I've made various updates and helped with their e-mail marketing feedback system.

Cavalaire Hotel


Various amends and search engine promotion work for this Brighton B&B

Jasper Goodall


In 2007 I built a site for artist Jasper Goodall, including a new public site based on his designs, and a back-end system allowing him to update the various parts of his site himself, including uploading new example art. In 2009 he commissioned me to roll out a set of updates to change the design and enhances some of the hidden admin features. The website

Allison and Busby


E-commerce store for publishing house Allison and Busby. I worked with Brighton web agency i-Zimbra to produce this online bookshop in PHP & MySQL. I programmed the bespoke online shop coupled to Protx as the payment gateway, while i-Zimbra integrated in a large WordPress-driven area to handle blogging and various content sections.

Simply Cleaning


A company of cleaners in Brighton & Hove who needed various page updates and a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

Jim Stoten


I built the website for artist and illustrator Jim Stoten. It has a PHP & MySQL based admin area so he can easily add examples of his art, and a link across to his Big Cartel shop.

Grafton Banks


I first worked for Grafton Banks, replacing their vacancies system with one that was easier to use. This allowed their staff to advertise advertise jobs on their website quickly and easily. Job searchers can subscribe to their searches using RSS to get the latest jobs straight to their feeds reader. The vacancies system. Then in late 2007 they called me back to make a new site for them, for Legal recruitment. Subsequently, in 2008 their expansion in to Financial recruitment required a third site.

Universal Platforms


I updated the Universal site to make the news and equipment sales areas dynamic and easy for the hire firm's staff to update themselves without needing to know HTML.

Points UK


New site for print design firm Points UK. Based on Kevin Points designs, he now has a PHP & MySQL back-end for easy updates without fiddling with HTML.

Prescott and Mackay


Reverse engineering their existing database driven site to add new courses for this training company, bringing their information up to date for 2008. They have quite fiddly PHP/MySQL code behind the site which I had to adapt to fix earlier changes made by another company.



A photo sharing and blogging site for people interested in sport. I carried out the site build for the company, based on designs by Nigel Gordijk. It uses PHP & MySQL and features photo uploading and resizing, tagging, flexible advertising, and a bespoke content management system (CMS).

Course Searcher


Educational search engine powered by a Google Mini and using PHP, MySQL and AJAX for various functions across the site. More details - the website

Brighton University


I helped sort out the HTML of the central website of Brighton University in to W3C compliant XHTML, and wrange their CSS in to something more manageable - the website

HS Recruitment


I implemented a vacancy posting and search system in PHP and MySQL for this recruitment company. Job searches offer RSS feeds so visitors can subscribe to the areas they are interested in and gain new jobs direct to their feeds reader. Project carried out with Chris Harrison and Nigel Gordijk. The website

Drake and Cavendish


Google Mini implemented in as the site hotel search system. Search results code written in PHP. More details - the website



With Common Sense Design I created a new shop for this allergy awareness company, who were having problems with their previous system. It is a more complex version of the shop created for Fjord Interiors, with tagging of products for allergies and labels, a more complex article CMS, and integration with WorldPay for credit card handling. Written in PHP and MySQL. The website

Fjord Interiors


A new company who sell stylish furniture, they required a website capable of selling their products. I created a shop with an administration system which lets them add products, set their stock level, and check customer orders. The shop uses Secure Trading to handle card payments. I also created a small CMS to handle their articles and press releases. Site designs were by Common Sense Design. Written in PHP and MySQL. Fjord Interiors unfortunately closed in 2008.

p2b search engine

(2005 and ongoing)

Local search engine for Brighton and Hove. I wrote code for each of the project partners in ColdFusion, PHP and ASP, and built their central website. More details - the website

Wine Intelligence


Research company specialising in the wine industry. I wrote a shop for their reports, integrating with WorldPay as the payment provider; gave advice in Macromedia Contribute and search engine optimisation training so they can handle their own promotion. More details - the website

ICP Search

(2004 - 2006)

Recruitment company specialisting in the semi-conductor industry. I wrote a vacancy posting and searching system for their website in PHP with MySQL. The website

Tourist Net UK


Holiday portal for the UK. This was a very short project to provide a dynamic form to track applications to client hotels through the TNUK website, and a small set of reports pages to view the details. The project was written in PHP. The website


(2003 and ongoing)

Constructing Understanding of the Homeless Population are a group bringing together research in to homelessness from across Europe. I wrote the CMS used to publish their research on their website. More details - the website

G2 Search


Within the same group as G2 Legal, G2 Search is a recruitment-for-recruiters website built from the code used in G2 Legal. More details - the website

G2 Legal

(2002 and ongoing)

Medium-sized legal recruitment company with offices around the UK. I created the ColdFusion code for their two websites, and the controlling intranets. More details - UK website, Australian website


(2002 and ongoing)

IT recruitment company specialising in Peoplesoft and CRM related jobs. I wrote the back-end code for the website and controlling intranet, suggested creating RSS feeds to further promote their niche areas and co-wrote the code for it. More details - the website


(2002 and ongoing)

Legal recruitment portal for the UK. I wrote the back-end ColdFusion code for the website, intranet and 'embedded' versions of the search system. More details - the website

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