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G2 Legal


Over my very long relationship with legal recruitment agency G2 Legal I have created many different websites for them. The current one has a complex job search with various weightings hidden away behind a simple interface, a fully featured admin area giving control over the site and jobs, a receiving system to accept job details from their third party CRM, feeds out to various third party job boards, jobs by email, the ability for candidates to apply for multiple jobs at the same time, running the UK and Australia sites from the same codebase, showing different content where needed, and too much more to list.

The sites have been built with with various designers, most recently Nick Carter. They originally used ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server, and now run using PHP with Laravel and MySQL. To help with the development load while I'm juggling multiple projects, Laura Tyler handles some of the PHP & Laravel work for me, and Elliot Taylor and Sim Brody created the front end, so I'm a combination of developer and project manager for this site.



I've worked with this IT recruitment agency, in the same group as G2 Legal, across multiple websites as well. It's a similar story as G2 Legal, apart from at one point creating them an API which talked to a website created by a local agency. That project was later replaced by their current PHP/Laravel site, which is much faster and looks much better too. Again, I've worked with Nick Carter and Laura Tyler in creating the sites.



I've created multiple sites for this access platform hire and training firm, both main websites and microsites for marketing purposes. I have also helped with their SEO, and have run Google Ads and Microsoft (Bing) Ads campaigns for them for many years. The company was bought in 2019 and I'm currently working for their new owners on the site. The site is written in ColdFusion & MS SQL Server.

Allison and Busby


Ecommerce store for publishing house Allison and Busby. I worked with Brighton web agency i-Zimbra to produce this online bookshop in PHP & MySQL back in 2009. I programmed the bespoke online shop coupled to Protx as the payment gateway, while i-Zimbra integrated in a large WordPress-driven area to handle blogging and various content sections. Since the initial build I have kept in touch through current maintainers Dunlopweb and added various features A&B have requested, and changed the payment gateway to Sagepay.

Grafton Banks


Grafton Banks are a recruitment agency and my initial work for them was to replace the vacancies system in their website with one that was easier for them to use, and allowed job searchers to subscribe to searches using RSS and Jobs by Email. Later, I created a another website for them as they expanded in to a new area - Finance, then a third, building from designs by Nick Carter. Over the years I have added and updated features as the client's needs have changed and their business.

UTN Training


Various changes to the website of this training provider in the health and safety space. This project was in classic ASP and required some archeological work as the code was written over a decade before.

Unnamed Medical Services Company


For four years I helped a local medical services company with their Google Ads and Microsoft (Bing) Ads advertising, managing a five figure monthly spend and regularly meeting with their in-house team. Parallel to the PPC work, I also helped with technical SEO advice, and a link clean up campaign to help avoid a penalty and ensure none of their rankings were being suppressed. Work was handed over to an in-house team member when they expanded.



A very complex project, taking an existing bespoke PHP codebase that had been developed over ten years and re-building it in to a Laravel based PHP site, working within a number of technical restrictions. The site is a busy ecommerce store holding many thousands of products. The work involved reverse engineering the existing code, which was undocumented and largely uncommented, re-building in to more modern code, optimising for speed, integrating it with a new frontend, fixing various unusual code decisions that had been made many years before, all while ensuring the technical search engine optimisation of their site would not be badly affected by the new design and underlying code. This was certainly the most complicated rebuild I have tackled. As well as commenting the new code and any ported code, I documented the reasoning behind key changes and how and where to find restructured code as part of the handover to their in-house team.

Unnamed Tourism Company


In a fast turnaround project, I helped a tourism company recover from a Google Manual Links Penalty, cleaning up their link profile with a combination of research, link removal requests, and disavowing. At a later date, I also carried out a Google Ads (Adwords) review of their campaigns and gave various recommendations to their in-house Google Ads manager for improvements they could make to their account.

Brighton University


I helped Brighton University roll out their latest brand and design update. The design update was created by Nigel Gordijk and I was brought in to help the University's web team roll out the design out across 5,000 static pages usually controlled by Dreamweaver. This involved both updating Dreamweaver templates and writing PHP scripts to parse and re-write the HTML pages to match the new designs. Later, an adaptation of the same design was created to update the individual school sites within the university, and I was tasked with updating another 5-6,000 pages from their various disparate designs in to one standard template.

Kingswood Law IFA


In 2008 I built the web version of their StopWork Calculator, which shows when you will be able to retire. It was a PHP & MySQL project using YUI Javascript components for easy interactivity. The main site design is by Nigel Gordijk, the original calculator was by Rudy Poonwasie. Since then I've made various updates and helped with their e-mail marketing feedback system.

Cavalaire Hotel


Various amends and search engine promotion work for this Brighton B&B

Unnamed hire company


Google manual penalty recovery for a local company. They had content on their site Google objected to after several years of accepting it, I cleaned that up, made sure the rest of the site was compliant with Google's rules, and helped them through the reapproval system and gained a fast recovery.

Jasper Goodall


In 2007 I built a site for artist Jasper Goodall, including a new public site based on his designs, and a back-end system allowing him to update the various parts of his site himself, including uploading new example art. In 2009 he commissioned me to roll out a set of updates to change the design, allow the sale of prints through the site, and enhance some of the admin features. Initially we used Sagepay as the payment gateway, later replacing them with Stripe.

Penny Walloon


Small website for an author, allowing her to update the book listings herself.

Simply Cleaning


A company of cleaners in Brighton & Hove who needed various page updates, some SEO help and a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign using Google Adwords.

Jim Stoten


I built the website for artist and illustrator Jim Stoten. It has a PHP & MySQL based admin area so he can easily add examples of his art, and a link across to his Big Cartel shop.

Universal Platforms

(2008 & 2011)

I updated the Universal site to make the news and equipment sales areas dynamic and easy for the hire firm's staff to update themselves without needing to know HTML. (Site replaced circa 2013)

Points UK


Website for print design firm Points UK. Based on Kevin Points designs, I built the site in to HTML & CSS, and created a PHP & MySQL back-end allowing him to easily make updates to the site.

Prescott and Mackay

(2008-2012) (Wayback Machine link)

Creating an ecommerce website to list and book training courses. This was tricky as their courses could be booked for a wide variety of times (e.g. every day for a week, or once a week for ten weeks, and everything inbetween.) The site gave P&M the ability to edit all training courses, take bookings, present work in a gallery, add case studies and more. The site was written in PHP & MySQL.



A photo sharing and blogging site for people interested in sport. I carried out the site build for the company, based on designs by Nigel Gordijk. It used PHP & MySQL and featured photo uploading and resizing, tagging, flexible advertising, and a bespoke content management system (CMS).

p2b search engine


Local search engine for Brighton and Hove. I wrote code for each of the project partners in ColdFusion, PHP and ASP, and built their central website. More details

Wine Intelligence


Research company specialising in the wine industry. I created a shop for their reports, integrating with WorldPay as the payment provider; gave advice in Macromedia Contribute and search engine optimisation training so they can handle their own promotion. More details - the website

ICP Search

(2004 - 2006)

Recruitment company specialisting in the semi-conductor industry. I wrote a vacancy posting and searching system for their website in PHP with MySQL.

Tourist Net UK


Holiday portal for the UK. This was a very short project to provide a dynamic form to track applications to client hotels through the TNUK website, and a small set of reports pages to view the details. The project was written in PHP.


(2003 and ongoing)

Constructing Understanding of the Homeless Population are a group bringing together research in to homelessness from across Europe. I wrote the CMS used to publish their research on their website. More details

G2 Search


Within the same group as G2 Legal, G2 Search is a recruitment-for-recruiters website built from the code used in G2 Legal. More details (Site closed circa 2005)



Legal recruitment portal for the UK. I wrote the back-end ColdFusion code for the website, intranet and 'embedded' versions of the search system. More details (Site closed circa 2012)

Companies and people I have worked with

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