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Paul Silver

Making websites for companies and helping advertise them


Please I've collaborated with on various client projects:

Studio Gallant
Web design by Nick Carter. We've worked together on projects such as G2 Legal, Skillsearch and Wemoto. Nick is a great designer and I've been very happy to collaborate with him on lots of projects.

Laura Tyler
Laura is an excellent web developer who can work in a range of languages. She's helped me by working on G2 Legal and Skillsearch when I've needed an extra pair of hands to share my workload, and on my Thanks for Sharing side project.

Web design and development company run by Simon Bloom. We have worked together on various projects including Brighton Farm, Barcamp Brighton and he created the logo and buttons for SpiderTest

Common Sense Design
Web design company run by Nigel Gordijk. We have collaborated on several projects including ICP Search, The Essential Business Guide, Fjord Interiors and Kidsaware.

David Andrew
David is a web designer working in Brighton and Worthing. We were the first employees of G2Blue and worked on many sites together both there and since going freelance.

Latitude Design
Latitude Design are a web agency in Brighton, UK. I work with them providing search engine optimisation to their clients.

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