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Making websites for companies and helping advertise them

My Projects


I have some other websites, which I enjoy making, and also let me test some of my SEO techniques before using them on client's sites.


A tool which runs a number of tests on a given web page, helping visitors track down problems which might stop a search engine spider from reading and understanding the page. Try SpiderTest on your site

Reluctant Mechanic

My hobby site, giving advice from what I've learnt trying to keep my '68 VW Beetle on the road. Get some help fixing your VW

GSA Developer

My blog, trying to help developers using Google Mini and Google Search Appliance servers to search their internal and public websites. Learn how to get spidering

Saved Marks

Social bookmarking, written with Railo, the open source version of ColdFusion. Currently open to friends and clients while I iron out issues. Launched Jan 2014.

Currently Offline: News Magpie

A social tech news aggregator, bringing my favourite social news sites together in one place, with some extra nice additions. Note: Very much in Beta, available from June 2010. (Currently offline while I fix some spidering and storage issues.)

Closed: Aircooled Search

A search engine for aircooled Volkswagens, based on Google Co-op. Launched April 2007, closed Jan 2019 as I was not keeping it maintained.

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