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Making websites for companies and helping advertise them

ColdFusion Work

I have 16 years experience writing ColdFusion run websites for a variety of clients, using versions 4.5 through to 11. On almost all sites I have been using MS SQL Server as the database (v6.5 through to 13), but have also used MS Access on very low-use pages. I've also used the open source Railo ColdFusion server for some personal projects.

I've used ColdFusion to create the following systems:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) so clients can easily update their own websites
  • Database search, including job search for recruitment companies
  • Private client and website user sections for storing files
  • Web spider and automatic content processor
  • Account sign-up
  • RSS Feed creator
  • Various Intranet items including:
    • Contact Manager for sales staff
    • Secure information areas allowing visitors access to certain content
    • Staff Manager for handling website permissions

Some of the clients I've written software for in ColdFusion:

And my personal projects NewsMagpie and Saved Marks.

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