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Google Ads and Bing Ads Management

I have been helping clients run Google Ads (AdWords) and Microsoft (Bing) Ads PPC campaigns since 2012. I've helped various businesses, but most opt to stay anonymous. A few examples of what I can do for your business are listed below. If you'd like me to manage or review your Google Ads campaigns, please get in touch.

The most budget I've managed in one year has been £420,000 for one client. Most of my ongoing management clients are spending between £4,000 and £10,000 a month with Google Ads, and they hire me for a day or so a month to set up and help optimise their accounts.

Review and advice

A local travel firm asked me to come in and review how they were running their Google Ads campaigns. This involved talking to them about their business goals, reviewing all parts of their account and the landing pages the adverts point to and advising them on improvements that could be made, which they then carried out.

Set up and minor ongoing help

A cleaning company was having problems with their localised Google Ads campaigns. During investigation, I found a tricky technical problem with their landing pages which was reducing their ad quality scores. I re-wrote their Wordpress plugin to solve the issue, and also helped re-structure and optimise their campaigns to better target their potential customers. Over the following few months I spent a small amount of time checking how the improvements had gone and adding a few tweaks before leaving to to the business owner to continue management.

Active ongoing management

For my existing development client Facelift Access, I took over an account from a previous manager, continued optimisation and restructured as the business needs changed. From a very high budget, we moved to a much smaller budget, using data from the high spend period to ensure we were getting the best bang for buck from the lower spend. I also set up and optimised Bing Ads to get a broader base of potential customers.

For a medical services company, I took over, restructured and optimised an account with a very healthy budget for four years, until they were successful enough to have in-house staff take over. Hand over involved a meeting to go through the account, and I wrote up the various decisions made over the history of the account so the new staff member could avoid steps we'd made in the past.

All ongoing work includes monthly feedback to the client about what is going on, to the level they prefer - some want high level summaries, others more in-depth reporting.

Contact me

If you'd like me to review or manage Google Ads or Bing Ads for your company, please get in touch.


I have a blog helping other Google Ads and Bing Ads managers: Brisk PPC

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