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Making websites for companies and helping advertise them

PHP Work

I have written and worked on many sites using PHP, covering the following components:

  • Shops integrating with third-party payment gateways (e.g. WorldPay, Secure Trading, Paypal, Sagepay)
  • Database search, including complex job search for recruitment companies
  • Content Management Systems so a client can easily update their own website
  • Dynamic forms with tracking for which page it was filled out from
  • Reporting pages summarising information from a database
  • RSS feed creation
  • HTTP page downloading and processing

I started out with PHP v4 and can maintain older projects, but I tend to do new work with the Laravel framework (v4 and v5). I've found Laravel a good combination of flexibility while bringing in a formal structure which is very useful when working with teams or a project where it is likely another developer will work on the code in the future.

Currently three-quarters of my development work is using PHP.

These are some of the clients I have written code in PHP for:

  • G2 Legal (using Laravel) - job listing and application site
  • Skillsearch (using Laravel) - job listing and application site
  • Wemoto (using Laravel) - large, busy shop. Case study
  • Allison and Busby - mid-sized shop
  • Kingswood Law IFA - retirement calculator
  • ICP Search - job listing and application site
  • Wine Intelligence - small shop
  • p2b (working with a Google Search Appliance) - search engine
  • Fjord Interiors - small shop
  • Kidsaware - small shop
  • MySportstream - blogging and photo sharing site

And my side projects SpiderTest and Thanks for Sharing.

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